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Asta simti cand traiesti?
Cand aproape inebunesti?
Alergand printre probleme
Schimbandu-te in functie de vreme

Fericirea te-a uitat
Norocul sa indepartat
Inlacrimat si indurerat
Parca plangi neincetat

Totul merge spre mai rau
Parca intrand intr-un hau
Nu poti nici macar zambi
Sufletul a-ti amagi.

Alergi fara oprire si mereu
Speri la mai bine insa nimic
Nu te ajuta si totul se infunda
Intr-o negura prea deasa
Si intr-o ceata ce nu te lasa..


Parcul central

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some pics

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Parcul central plin de cuiburi de ciori …

a couple of cops at a stake out:)))))) in Wien:)) use zoom for better view i could not get closer when i got that pic:))

Taxi Cele doua cuvine cu Razvan si Dani

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I dont belive in love

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After 20 years of days that passed
I fell like i have been slapped
By all that passed trough my life
I still could think that is a lie.

When you realise you are alone
That you dont get to spend your time
With the most loved person alive
You should think that you could die.

Every day i try to do
Simple things that can come true
This will be a change for me
And i shall never be
The one you called my baby


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Donnaufest 2010

The Danube

All the help

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When i get up from my bed

I listen to the music in my head instead,

Of doing what i should day by day do

Thinking of you and you.


But i ask miself for some time?

Were you there in that time

When i needed all the help

I the world i can get.


Wich of us made the mistake?

Wich of us did always fake?

Time will pass i will forget

With all the help i can get.